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Utica Shale Congress 2012

Containing an estimate of 15 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in Ohio alone, it is not a surprise that Utica Shale has been termed “one of the biggest discoveries in the US history”. Its liquid-rich potential and recent successful drilling tests have attracted international investors from around the globe as well as local leaders, each of them spending billions on R&D and acreage positions in the area and consequently, achieving substantial competitive advantage and early production results.

As recently discovered natural gas fields become more scrupulously explored and firmly established, the priority for every E&P company around the world is to be the first to find the next Marcellus, Bakken or Eagle Ford and establish a strong acreage position in the area. The key to profitability lies in examining enough geological data to assess the commercial viability of a play, determine the sweet spots and invest in cost-effective technologies early on.

The Utica Shale Congress 2012 was the first operator-oriented event bringing together executives and key technical experts from the first movers in Utica to not only share the most innovative techniques for analyzing recent geological data but also explain how to directly apply it to assess the formation’s commercial viability. It examined the most successful completions techniques already used in the Utica and how to commercialize the play in a regulatory and environmentally compliant manner and avoid overspending on water sourcing, treatment and disposal. Speakers advised on technical procedures to help local communities and address media and public accusations in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Quebec, Canada.      

Main Conference Room

Day one explored Utica’s stratigraphy, mineralogy and geochemistry and examine
optimal completions techniques for fully exploiting recovery potential.

Day two concluded how to reduce the cost of Utica’s operations by examining the
most economic and Utica-specific water management, sourcing and
disposal strategies

Encana Oil & Gas

'I thought the conference was great. It was very well organized and I felt the content was superb'


O&G Series

Is Utica America's next incredible production opportunity?

To find the answer to this question operators must examine key rock properties and geological factors driving play’s viability and think ahead to create an optimal and cost-effective completions and water management systems for quickly delivering all recovered hydrocarbon types to the market.

The Utica Shale Congress 2012 is the first operator-oriented initiative dedicated entirely to unlocking the Utica’s liquid-rich potential through analyzing it’s reservoir characteristics to determine sweet spots and adapt cutting edge completions techniques to maximize profitable production. The congress will see VPs, Directors and technical experts from the leading Utica operators consolidate their knowledge and share their most recent results to develop methodologies and techniques for optimizing recovery and fully exploit Utica’s potential.

At the Utica Shale Congress 2012, leading North American operators will be providing the following commercial solutions:

  • RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION : Evaluating key geochemical, stratigraphic and petrophysical properties to identify sweet spots and assess liquid rich yield in the Utica
  • COMPLETIONS : Scrutinizing completions techniques, proppants and frac fluids that haven proven to yield high recovery in the liquid-rich Utica Shale
  • REGULATIONS : Examining recent regulatory changes in Utica-operating states and how these will impact the operational and commercial feasibility of production
  • WATER MANAGEMENT: Evaluating the water treatment, recycling and disposal strategies that are being used to drive down the costs of fluid management in the Utica
  • PRE-DRILL AND FLOWBACK WATER : understanding the latest studies on flowback water and pre-drill sampling to relieve public concerns over hydraulic fracturing